• The spirit of matriarchy

    by Elyssa Salinas

    A young woman in seminary reflects on the gifts her two grandmothers gave her.

  • Faith reflections: Mother figures

    by Elyssa Salinas

    The mother figures in the our lives share their wisdom and their faith with us.

  • Struggling to cope: Where is the church in times of infertility?

    by Lindsay Mack

    A young pastor reflects on the topic of infertility and how the church can be a place of support for those who struggle with infertility.

  • A litany for parents and those that want to be
    by Ashley-Ann Masters

    A prayer for all those who celebrate Mothers' Day with joy or sorrow and for all of those families in between.

What's in a name? Café is a magazine for young adult women who want to build their faith.

Café is an on-line magazine for young adult women. It incorporates a Lutheran perspective for women of Christian faith or simply for any woman who is interested in how faith relates to the issues that women face today. 

Readers and writers of Café include pastors, seminary and college students, and other young adult women who use Café as a Bible study resource individually or with their congregation. 

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