Falling in love with me

Sometimes the love we seek is from within
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Valentine’s Day: Beyond flowers and candy

by Angie Shannon | During my grade-school years, the bulletin boards were covered with red cupid silhouettes announcing Valentine’s Day. I took great care in selecting boxed Valentines for my classmates, addressing each tiny envelope in anticipation of the big day. In retrospect, it occurs to me that we had the kind of parents and teachers who made sure we had enough Valentines so that no child would feel unloved on that day.MORE ›

How to use Café with a group

Young women are sharing community, maybe dinner and discussing the faith-based topics that appear in every issue of Café. Each issue of Café features two articles with discussion questions and a closing prayer. You can download and print out the February 2018 issue, or follow along from the website if you have an Internet connection.MORE ›

How to have a fair trade date

by Emily Davila | When I was a kid, my mom would put Valentine’s Day presents on the breakfast table before we left for school. We might get a little Whitman’s candy sampler and some lip gloss, or perhaps something unrelated, like a pair of socks or a plastic lizard. MORE ›

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Café incorporates a Lutheran perspective for young, adult women of Christian faith or simply for any woman who is interested in how faith relates to the issues that women face today. Readers and writers of Café include pastors, seminary and college students, and other young adult women who use Café as a Bible study resource individually or with their congregation. Pictured: The Young Women's Bible Study at Clemson University. They read and discuss Café articles once a week. Learn More

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