Our top 5 favorites from 2020

These articles made us cry and gave us hope.
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Faith reflections: Risky transformation

A new calendar year often brings a fresh perspective with promises of a clean slate. We remember the past year and take inventory of successes and failures. We also look ahead with hope and anticipation of what will be. New Year’s resolutions abound. Our promises create a lovely tapestry. We vow many things: to live in the moment, eat right, exercise more, learn to say “no,” go back to school, quit smoking, bring back date night, write a book, travel more, finally start your own business and so on.


How are you?

The other day I was in Trader Joes getting groceries when I ran into someone I knew. In our conversation, they asked, “How are you doing?” And I responded, “okay.” Yet, that was far from the truth.


Boldcafe Podcast: Top podcast of 2020: Just be

Just be

A global pandemic changes almost everything about life as we know it.


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