Lent: A time to rehydrate

Avoid living a dry life. Learn how to rehydrate during Lent
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The spiritual practice of fasting

by Sarah Scherschligt
The ancient practice of fasting illuminates human connectedness and our reliance on others, especially on God. We mere creatures are in much more need than we can ever perceive, let alone admit; but God can change us even when we think we need not change. Read more ›

Shame: The enemy of baptism

by Rozella Haydée White

Lent is my favorite church season. Lent can be a time of remembering how we have become disconnected from each other and from who God intended us to be. During Lent, we are invited to remember and relearn who we are as God’s creation. Read more ›

Cafe group: Preparing for Lent

Readers can download and discuss this issue in a group setting. Read more ›

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