Perfect Imperfections: How words can fail and hold us at the same time

Lines from favorite songs and poems can help us process our feelings and express what we are unable to communicate.
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The Poem That Prays 

The Poem That Prays 

by Sarah Carson For as long as I can remember, there have been two places I’ve turned when things get challenging: 1) to my faith, 2) to poetry. As someone who grew up in church, I’ve learned prayer can be powerful when I have questions, doubts, and even anger. It can...

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Everyday Earth Day

Everyday Earth Day

by Amy Waelchli When I think about the state of the environment--all the facts, figures, predictions, and failures--I’m completely immobilized with fear. Scientists have been issuing warnings and admonitions to get our acts together for a while now, and we’ve ignored...

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Join Boldcafe writers + friends for conversation and dinner, Thursday, May 2 @ 7 p.m. (CDT)!

Once a month we meet with some of our popular writers to talk about our favorite articles and more! Bring your own dinner (B.Y.O.D) and sign up via Zoom.

Sarah Carson will lead our conversation about the power of language. Join us!


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