by Elizabeth McBride

There’s something pretty awesome about going to a cafe. Of course, there’s coffee, but besides that, it’s a welcoming space whether you are alone or with friends. It’s comfortable. It’s casual. It’s a place for everyone.

Since 2003, Café (, Women of the ELCA’s on-line space for and with young adult women, has been not only a way for young women of faith to gather with other Lutheran women, it has also been a space for emerging women writers of faith to share their wisdom about life, relationships and more with the world.

As a result of this ministry, young women of faith have formed Café groups and joined the Women of the ELCA groups in their congregations. I’ve even heard of non-Lutheran women joining the church because of their involvement in a Café group. Café and its writers touch women’s minds and spirits in a way nothing else does.

Last month, I was able to connect with the Young Women’s Bible study on the campus of Clemson University. I met with Paula Sommerville who leads this group of bold women. She helps arrange weekly meetups. Every Monday evening they connect and share some laughs while discussing articles in Café. They especially like the articles on the topic of vocation. My visit with this group taught me two things. For one, Women of the ELCA provides opportunities for young women of faith to connect where they are. And second, students on college campuses and beyond are looking for community and that is something women’s groups can help support.

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Let us rejoice by sharing the gift of Café with all the women in our lives – with a sampling of some of Café’s most popular articles, on the website this month.

Elizabeth McBride, editor