by Elizabeth McBride

Do you feel pressure to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Do you think of it as just a silly holiday, an excuse to eat chocolate and buy sappy cards? Here are some of our most popular articles on the subject. For singles and couples alike, you might discover that there is more to this celebration after all. Enjoy!

Single & lovable
by Sonia C. Solomonson
Feeling pressure to be part of couple, especially around Valentine’s Day? Well, here are some tips with lots of examples about enjoying this holiday with our most important single self!

Celebrating Valentine’s Day beyond flowers and cards
by Angie Shannon
Scripture reminds us that whether we are single or coupled, we are loved and cherished by God.

A Valentine to my younger self
by Dianha Ortega-Ehreth, Tiffany Lynn Tibbs and Karris Golden
Let’s spend this month celebrating you! In this issue, three women write Valentines to their younger selves. What would you write?

How to have a fair trade date
by Emily Davila
Will you get or give flowers and chocolates this month for Valentine’s Day? Do it the fair trade way.

Elizabeth McBride is the director for intergenerational programs and editor of Cafe.