by Elizabeth McBride

There’s something pretty awesome about going to a cafe. Of course, there’s coffee, but besides that, it’s a welcoming space whether you are alone or with friends. It’s comfortable. It’s casual. It’s a place for everyone.



Since 2003, Café (, Women of the ELCA’s on-line space for and with young adult women, has been not only a way for young women of faith to gather with other Lutheran women, it has also been a space for emerging women writers of faith to share their wisdom about life, relationships and more with the world.

As a result of this ministry, young women of faith have formed Café groups and joined the Women of the ELCA groups in their congregations. I’ve even heard of non-Lutheran women joining the church because of their involvement in a Café group. Café and its writers touch women’s minds and spirits in a way nothing else does.

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As we look forward to Easter, let us rejoice by sharing the gift of Café with all the women in our lives – with a sampling of some of Café’s most popular articles, linked below. Read. Connect. Grow.

–Elizabeth McBride, editor


20CafeMay2015300LWhere is the church in times of infertility?” by Lindsay Mack.

This article has received one of the highest number of readers in Cafe‘s history. What is your reaction to this article?



mosaic.photobyAwayWeGo210.680Art as healing” by Susan Schneider.

This article has received the second of the highest rate of readers. Is art part of your life? Does it bring healing to you?



coffeehands.Morguefile.150Sharing a cup of grace” by Jeanette Bidne.

Have you experienced love and welcome over a cup (be it coffee, tea, cider, hot chocolate or Gatorade)?



waffles.orig-PhotobyKeith-McDuffee.flickr150The gospel of waffles” by Lauren Heywood.

A college student wanted to share her love of Jesus and waffles with others on her campus.



Pregnant150Surprised at 42” by Joy McDonald Coltvet.

A pastor learned that she was pregnant after trying for a decade. This article really struck a chord with readers of all ages.



redshoes150I’m sorry but I cannot apologize” by Angela T. Kahbeb.

Do you think women apologize more than men? A young woman pastor shares her experience at a male-dominated congregation.