During this time of change and uncertainty, one thing is certain. God is with us and we are not alone even though we may be self-isolating. Boldcafe has offered content written mostly by young adult women of faith since 2003. College students, seminarians and young adult pastors contribute to issues by talking about faith, vocation, relationships and more.

Below are ways to connect as a Boldcafe group via Zoom. Zoom is a free video conferencing tool that is available via the internet or downloaded as an iPhone or Android app.

1. Once you’ve downloaded and tested Zoom, select an issue of Cafe to discuss. Visit the “Past issues” tab and look at topics that might work with your group. You can share the link to an individual article or download the PDF from the “Boldcafe group” tab.
2. Have each participate introduce themselves. You can also start with an ice breaker. (For example, have each person share about the meaning of their name.)
3. Lead an opening prayer (optional):

Opening prayer for meeting as a Café group:
Good and gracious God, we are gathered here to meet and discuss topics that affect our daily lives and faith. Help us to experience this time set apart from other worries and other demands of our time so that we may engage in healthy conversation in a safe environment and that we may build a community of women of faith. We thank you, God, for bringing us together and ask you to bless our time together as we seek to do your ministry here on earth. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

If you would like to pray for special intentions, feel free to add them at any segment.
4. Answer the discussion questions at the end of the articles.
5. Close the meeting with the closing prayer that is listed or add your own.