The Rev. Ralen M. Robinson 

“She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.” (Proverbs 31:26)

Her arms are outstretched, always ready to embrace me from the harsh world. Her mouth is upturned in a smile, greeting me. Her voice flows out, blanketing me with love, and her presence shields me from the seasons of life. She is a confidant, secret keeper, voice of reason, strength, and wisdom, and She is a mother. The relationship between a mother and child is sacred and unique because it is an unbreakable bond. 

When I was a child, my mother was there to teach me. She put Bandaids on my scrapes and wiped away my tears. When I was a teenager, I pushed her away and believed she couldn’t possibly understand what I was going through in my growing body. But as an adult, I run to her for advice. She holds my feelings in her hands and her hugs make everything better. My mother has been there in my best and worst moments of life. When you have a mom, someone cares that you feel overwhelmed, if you had a healthy dinner, and that you made that stride and leap toward a goal. When you have a mother, you do not walk this world alone because a mom teaches, guides, prays, and is there for you no matter the distance.

I am so lucky that I have this relationship with her. Not everyone has a positive relationship with their mother. My heart breaks for those who have lost their mothers. And celebrating this season honoring Mothers can be especially difficult for those who have had a difficult and unhealthy relationship with their mother. For mothers can be any women who have shaped, reared, and guided you along the way. Mothers are mentors who fought on our behalf, aunts who kissed away your bruises, teachers who nudged you along the way, and any woman who enveloped you with love and kindness. This Mother’s Day is for the women of our lives and for the women needing extra love.

The epilogue to the Book of Proverbs presents a woman who embodies the selflessness of motherhood. The author portrays a mother who is gracefully dignified, strong, and loving and who tirelessly caters to her child’s needs. Her love, a beacon of her character, is not just deep but profound, surpassing the vastness of the ocean and the expanse of a mountain. The scripture glorifies her and reminds us of the importance of shaping and molding little ones with its lasting impact. 

As an adult woman, I cherish my relationship with my mother. She is my sounding board when I need to talk it out and process life. She is my support, my strength, and my compass. She has raised me to be the woman I am today, and her wisdom and teachings have helped guide and mold me. She has always reminded me to slow down and enjoy the moment, to be fearless and authentic, and to live boldly in life. She knows life isn’t easy, so she said mistakes are inevitable, but you have to learn from them. She reminds me to talk to God and to rely on God. She always asks if I talked to God today because her faithfulness is powerful. 

She firmly believes we deserve happiness, and therefore, she encourages me to do things that give me life, to be around people who uplift me, and to say yes to myself. She has always reassured me that I don’t have to change or conform to anyone’s expectations. She has taught me to look in the mirror and love myself, and each day, to strive to do good and be good. 

And to love.

So, this Mother’s Day, I wish all the women who have raised and reared a child know they are seen, loved, and appreciated. The wealth of knowledge they bestowed upon them is passed down from generation to generation, intertwining them in a lineage of strong women. 

Discussion Questions 

  1. What are some nuggets of wisdom you were taught from your mother or a mother figure that you still use today? 
  2. How are you shaped and influenced by the woman who raised you? 
  3. How do you continue to connect with your mother or mother figure? Or with your child? 

Closing prayer 

Loving God, you gave us mothers to comfort and love us. Allow this love to continue to wrap us up and shield us from life’s perils. Allow us to use the teaching that not only you gave us but all the women in our lives did to live out our lives. Gracious God, continue to hold us and all the women who continue to make a difference in the lives of the ones around us. Amen.

Ralen M. Robinson is a Pastor at Reformation Lutheran Church in Wichita, KS. When she is not pastoring she is pursuing her Doctorate of Ministry in Homiletics and participates in leadership roles in the wider church. Ralen believes her faith and a good pair of shoes can take you a long way.