Faith Reflections


Faith Reflection: Genesis and loving our bodies »

by Amanda Zentz-Alo 


Created in God’s image, human beings are strong, creative and powerful. Our bodies are intricate and magnificent creations, filled with mystery and wonder.


So when the woman saw that the tree

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Faith reflections: Blessed be the good Samaritans »

by Samantha Nichols 


In the parable we call “The Good Samaritan,” Jesus reminds us that our neighbors are not only those with whom we agree or those we like. In his time and place,

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Ode to the woman of valor »

by Anne Edison-Albright 


The Woman of Valor, a character from Proverbs can be read as a perpetuation of old stereotypes, an example of women’s equality and also as something in between.


Charm is deceitful and

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Faith reflections: Envy »

by Emily Carson


Envy is dehydrating to the both the body and the soul. To envy is to want what someone else has; it is to believe that whatever we have is not enough–that

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Faith reflections: Beloved and wonderfully made »

by Emily Heitzman


It is really hard to be a preteen or teenager today. I unfortunately know this because as a pastor who works with youth, I have seen this firsthand. I’m not

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