Faith Reflections


Faith reflections: Multi-generational relationships »

by Sara Olson-Smith


I know it’s not Christmas, but let’s talk about Mary. Her story begins when the angel Gabriel stopped to see Mary as she was doing the dishes. (I know there are

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Faith reflections: Lament in the Bible »

Emily Carson



Over the course of a lifetime, it is likely we will all experience loss. Anyone who has gone through a major transition or the death of a loved one knows the

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Celebrating Valentine’s Day beyond flowers and candy »

by Angie Shannon


 During my grade-school years, the bulletin boards were covered with red cupid silhouettes announcing Valentine’s Day. I took great care in selecting boxed Valentines for my classmates, addressing

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Faith reflections: My body is a temple »

Elyssa J. Salinas


When I hear someone say, “the body is a temple,” referring to how I should act toward my body in reference to God, I find that my entire body tenses

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Faith Reflection: 10 Ways to doubt faithfully »

by Meghan Aelabouni


I have always loved the conversation in Mark’s gospel between Jesus and a father who pleads for healing for his son. The father describes the son’s ailment as an

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