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Body love and roller derby »

by Amanda Zentz-Alo


I lay on my back on the cold concrete, legs asprawl, arms outstretched, laughing and gasping – both exhausted and exhilarated. When I sat up, the women with me pointed admiringly

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May Cafe group: Loving our bodies »

Do you want to meet with other young adult women and share community, maybe dinner and discuss the topics that appear in each issue of Café? Each issue of Café features two

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Running without my glasses »

by Elyssa Salinas 


I’ve always hated running: the sweating, the backaches, the lungs-on-fire feeling. Every quarter in high school, we had to run the mile and I always dreaded it. All the cross-country kids

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Faith Reflection: Genesis and loving our bodies »

by Amanda Zentz-Alo 


Created in God’s image, human beings are strong, creative and powerful. Our bodies are intricate and magnificent creations, filled with mystery and wonder.


So when the woman saw that the tree

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Wisdom of women »

As women, we have lots of wisdom to share. In celebration of #WednesdayWisdom we’ll be sharing the wisest advice we have received. Come back and visit us every Wednesday.


Wisdom after a break

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