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Faith reflections: Finding spiritual, emotional and social healing »

by Christina Auch



Wholeness, healing and restoration of body, mind and spirit, are themes throughout Scripture. The psalmist sings out: “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and put a new and

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photo by Jim Veneman

Blessings of health »

by Christina Auch



“I feel like Pinocchio,” I joked with the nurse administering my chemotherapy at the hospital. With an IV line in my foot, and another one in my arm, oxygen cannulas and

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A misplaced satisfaction »

by Tiffany C. Chaney


If you circled the floor at your gym today searching for an available elliptical machine, repeatedly bumped into the person next to you in Zumba class because the room

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Cafe podcast: November 2014 »

Scripture teaches us how we are to care for one another in community.


Check out the latest podcast here and on iTunes. You can read the article here and answer

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Photo by Elizabeth Hunter

Cafe groups: Blessings of health »

Do you want to meet with other young adult women and share community, maybe dinner and discuss the topics that appear in each issue of Café? Each issue of Café features two

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Cafe podcast: October 2014 »

The story of Lydia can teach us alot about balancing what we wear with our faith lives.

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