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Zombies and other tales about my ex: On breaking up, writing poems and getting through »

by Sarah Carson


I’ve never forgotten the night I realized my boyfriend, Jordan, and I were over. I’d just returned home from another of the hours-long arguments we’d been having for months. It was

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Faith Reflections: Rituals for saying (and meaning) goodbye »

by Anne Edison-Albright


They started to notice a pattern. About a week or two before Bob had to leave for his next military deployment, Bob and Barb would start fighting. Usually it was about

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Cafe pop up: Chicago + New Orleans »

Join us for storytelling, snacks and some bubbly as we connect as women of faith.


Thursday, July 7, 7:00 -9:00 | Location:

St. Luke’s Lutheran Church of Logan Square
2837 W. Armitage Ave., Chicago, IL

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June Cafe podcast: Rituals for saying good bye »

Whether your rituals are DIY, or from liturgical sources, rituals can help the healing process after a loss of a relationship.


Listen to the podcast here and on iTunes. You can read

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June Cafe group: Breaking up and getting through »

Young women are sharing community, maybe dinner and discussing the faith-based topics that appear in every issue of Café. Each issue of Café features two articles with discussion questions and a closing

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The gift of a break-up »

by Romi Pierce


I remember my last breakup before I met my husband. It was terrible. It was the kind of breakup where it felt like the world had ended and the future was

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