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Faith reflections: Beloved and wonderfully made »

by Emily Heitzman


It is really hard to be a preteen or teenager today. I unfortunately know this because as a pastor who works with youth, I have seen this firsthand. I’m not

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Three ways to add something for Lent »

by Laura Gentry


I don’t give things up for Lent. Instead, I add something. After all, Lent is not just about fasting; it’s about feasting. The whole reason for giving up something is to

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Cafe groups »

Café groups: a group of Cafe readers who meet together to read and discuss the monthly articles and podcast, written mostly by women in their 20s and 30s.

New! Cafe groups for service:

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February Cafe group: Lent »

Do you want to meet with other young adult women and share community, maybe dinner and discuss the topics that appear in each issue of Café? Each issue of Café features two

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A love letter from God to a college student »

by Casey Parrett


Dear daughter,

Peace be with you. Although this letter will likely find you feeling stressed and overwhelmed, my wish is that you will feel my love and peace. I know everything. I

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