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Dinner Church: Food for a hangry world »

by Heidi Eickstadt

Hangry. How many of you know that feeling when you’ve waited a little too long to get your lunch, your blood sugar is low, and you’re feeling so irritable that

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Faith reflections: Taste and see »

by Tiffany C. Chaney



Adapted from Psalm 34, the hymn “Taste and See” (This Far by Faith, Augsburg Fortress, Minneapolis, 1999) offers rich lyrics that can be useful in exploring a healthy

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Faith lessons along the way »

by Tiffany C. Chaney


Like most of us these days, I can say that my career path hasn’t been a straight line. I’ve moved across state lines for work five times – twice

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The very best of Boldcafe »

by Elizabeth McBride


There’s something pretty awesome about going to a cafe. Of course, there’s coffee, but besides that, it’s a welcoming space whether you are alone or with friends. It’s comfortable. It’s casual.

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Cafe group: Preparing for Lent »

Young women are sharing community, maybe dinner and discussing the faith-based topics that appear in every issue of Café. Each issue of Café features two articles with discussion questions and a closing

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The spiritual practice of fasting »

by Sarah Scherschligt


The ancient practice of fasting illuminates human connectedness and our reliance on others, especially on God. We mere creatures are in much more need than we can ever perceive, let

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Lent: A time to rehydrate »

by Karen Craigo

The experts say that if you’re feeling thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. Drink plenty of water before you exercise or spend time in the sun, they say, because well before you

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Shame: The enemy of baptism »

by Rozella Haydée White

Lent is my favorite church season. Lent can be a time of remembering how we have become disconnected from each other and from who God intended us to be.

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