Cafe podcast: Retreat where you are »

Take time to go on a retreat, right where you are. A pastor creates a one day experience to take time away from our busy lives.

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Cafe Podcast: Get up and go »

Like Saul, we sometimes need a disruption in our journey in order to receive God’s call. We may be so comfortable on our current journey that we can’t see that God is calling

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Cafe Podcast: Loving when it is difficult »

Following Jesus’ command to love one another can be hard. What if love was an action and not an emotion? One pastor offers her wisdom about the labor of love.


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Cafe podcast: Checked baggage »

A pastor shares her wisdom about carrying around emotional and spiritual baggage.


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July Cafe podcast: Transition from engaged to married »

A new bride shares how her faith helps her as she transitions from being single to being married.


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