Faith lessons along the way »

by Tiffany C. Chaney


Like most of us these days, I can say that my career path hasn’t been a straight line. I’ve moved across state lines for work five times – twice

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Balancing motherhood »

by Amanda Bornfree


On a Sunday evening, my one-month-old baby girl starts making hunger cues with her soft little heart-shaped lips. She pushes them out as she sits in a bouncer at the

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Mothers-in-law: A complicated dynamic »

by Karen Craigo  


It’s conventional wisdom that men marry a version of their mothers. Like most conventional wisdom, this piece is probably partially true about half the time. Still, the notion lodges in

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Love and Addiction »

by Meghan Johnston Aelabouni 


A year into my first call as a youth and family pastor, a man named “Fred” started volunteering with our high school youth group. Fred was exuberant and charismatic. He

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The baggage we carry »

by Angela T. Khabeb 


My purse is big and heavy. I pack an umbrella even if the forecast includes only a 30 percent chance of rain. Why? Just in case. If I’m giving a

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