Elsa and the new roles of gender equality »

by K. M. Deaver 


This past Christmas as I selected gifts for my two young nieces, I was struck by the abundance of “new” fairytales. For my nieces, anything

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A message from God »

by Tiffany C. Chaney 


Life would be easier if I woke up in the morning and there, waiting for me, was a message from God outlining the plan I should follow for the

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Risky transformation »

by Angela T. Khabeb

A new calendar year often brings a fresh perspective with promises of a clean slate. We remember the past year and take inventory of successes and failures.

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Photo by Daniel X. O'Neil

A God who shows up »

by Emily Heitzman

I just don’t understand people who start playing Christmas music right after Halloween. I have friends who do, especially my former colleague who could not wait to get her hands on

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photo by Jim Veneman

Blessings of health »

by Christina Auch



“I feel like Pinocchio,” I joked with the nurse administering my chemotherapy at the hospital. With an IV line in my foot, and another one in my arm, oxygen cannulas and

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