Building an interfaith community, one step at a time »

by Samantha Nichols 


This past summer, I accidentally climbed a mountain. I imagine that most people who climb mountains do so intentionally. I knew I was at a state park. I knew there was

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Love one another »

by Michelle Terry


Something happens when you begin training for ministry. Your words and actions – whether from the pulpit or not — become more significant to others. People watch your actions and hear

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Displacing seeds of envy »

by Emily Carson 


I experienced my first feelings of envy around the age of 7. I was in second grade at the time. My classmate and friend, Heather, was popular and athletic. Boys loved

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Our favorite Valentine picks »

by Elizabeth McBride


Do you feel pressure to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Do you think of it as just a silly holiday, an excuse to eat chocolate and buy sappy cards? Here are

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Three ways to add something for Lent »

by Laura Gentry


I don’t give things up for Lent. Instead, I add something. After all, Lent is not just about fasting; it’s about feasting. The whole reason for giving up something is to

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