Finding authentic community »

by Andrea Westby


I’ve never enjoyed small talk. The idea of trying to hold a conversation with someone about paint colors, the weather or the best types of kids’ toys makes me anxious. It’s

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Resurrection in relationships »

by Sarah Scherschligt


Rachel and I sat together at a café on a rainy Seattle morning. I’d flown across the country so that we could spend a couple of precious days together before she

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Shame: The enemy of baptism »

by Rozella Haydée White

Lent is my favorite church season. Lent can be a time of remembering how we have become disconnected from each other and from who God intended us to be.

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The very best of Boldcafe »

by Elizabeth McBride


There’s something pretty awesome about going to a cafe. Of course, there’s coffee, but besides that, it’s a welcoming space whether you are alone or with friends. It’s comfortable. It’s casual.

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Arise, shine this Epiphany »

by Jennifer Baker-Trinity

You know the song, “This little light of mine?” Perhaps you remember learning it in Sunday school or Vacation Bible School when you were a child. Maybe, like me, you

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